OpenRC Truggy DriveshaftsPolycarbonate is a interesting material in the way that it´s extremely durable and have a higher Glass Transisiton temperature (147°C) than many other 3D printing filaments. Polycarbonate is used in many areas for parts that need high level of durability and strength.

When i was working on the OpenRC Truggy and finally got access to Polycarbonate filament it opened up new possibilities for the project in terms of durability. As a example, i had struggled with the internal driveshafts as i wanted to keep the size a standard driveshaft you would buy in the store leaving room for designchanges very small. In the end Polycarbonate was the only material that would stand the forces applied reasonbly well with Taulman 3D´s “Tritan” (Co-polyester) in second place.

But it´s said that with great powers come great responsibility. Polycarbonate can be challenging to print introducing a high level of shrinkage with all that comes with that. It also needs to be printed at temperatures as high as 300°C. Also when heated Polycarbonate can create toxic fumes so be careful and see to it that the printer is placed in a suitable environment with adequate ventilation.
In the right conditions, a thought out geometry and right settings what you get is a 3D printed part that´s really, really tough. But as always with 3D printing there are alot of parameters that come in to play to get the perfect print.

E3D Premium – Polycarbonate