How many of my designs can fit in a single promo video? (Polymaker PC)

Polymaker likes my stuff it seems, as they´ve managed to show of several of my designs in their latest promo video for their “Polymaker PC” video.

Polymaker PC

This new filament is a polycarbonate and printed right the end result can be extremely strong. In terms of duarbility polycarbonate is definetly one of my favourite materials. It can be challenging to print though so check if your printer can handle before buying.

No Attribution

Even though it´s awesome to see something you have designed appearing in a video showacing such a great product as this it´s most troublesome that companies like Polymaker feel that they for some reason don´t have to comply with the license under which they are released. As in this case the CC BY-SA 3.0 clearly states that “you must give appropriate credit” but there´s no mentioning this in the video or description.

All Good

Nontheless, i really like the Polymaker PC and i hope that they will keep releasing more awesome materials!



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