3D Printer Chat

3D Printer Chat

I first met Håkan a few years back when he had just recently launched Since then we´ve become friends and these days he´s also helping me out with this very webpage! offers a great site for those that want to learn more about 3D printing. Here you will find the latest 3D Printing How To´sNews and Reviews from the rapidly growing 3D printing industry, plus answers to all the big questions like ‘What is 3D printing?’, ‘How the hell does it work?’ and ‘Will it stop shaking?’ If your unfailiar with the site, go check it out right now!


Except heading up Hawk3DProto Ben Hawksworth is a huge supporter of the 3DPrinting community. I think it´s hard to find someone more engaged in the community than Ben. If there´s a livestream on YouTube involving 3DPrinting Ben is probably watching. Always with a positive attitude.

Ben is constantly collaborating with designers and creators of all kinds (including myself and The OpenRC Project) and if that wasn´t enough he also creates alot of content on Social media including his own company Vlog which you can check out here.

Ben and Hawk3DProto is a great supporter of me and my project and supplies me with all the right stuff for my projects!

You can check out their website here.


In the past few years colorFabb has established itself as the innovative, cutting-edge developer of high quality filaments for FDM 3D printing. After an initial pilot year in 2013 and rapid expansion in 2014, colorFabb has invested in 6 production lines to accommodate and sustain a wide range of 3D printing materials, suited for most FDM 3D printers.

Check out their website here!


MatterHackers crewMatterHackers are about 8873.50 kilometers from where i am. Despite that they are never further away than a email or a DM. Always answering and always with a smile on their face. MatterHackers have been supplying me with a variety of filament from their selection. Always good high quality stuff and a personal favourite is the carbon fibre infused “NylonX” which is a great material suited for many of the projects i do that are focused on durability.

Short But Sweet

Even though i have only met some of the good folks at MatterHackers once but i already got the feeling that i´m part of the family.

MatterHackers Minute

Check out me and the OpenR/C Project being featured in the “MatterHackers Minute” hosted by Mara Hitner on their YouTube Channel.

Check Them Out

Check out their website here.



Brook DrummI started following Brook Drumm and Printrbot when he launched the Kickstarter back in 2011. Although we had never been in contact, Brook has always been a fan of The OpenRC Project. In 2016 we started exchanging a few emails and by the fall of 2016 Printrbot decided to sponsor me by sending one of their Printrbot Simple Pro.

I finally got to meet Brook at MRRF 2017 which was a great experience. It´s not everyday you meet a person who is so down to earth and super nice. It was a great pleasure to spend a few hours talking to Brook and i hope it was not the last time!

Go check out their website!

Bondtech AB

Bondtech ExtruderMartin Bondéus is the man behind the renowned dual drive extruder that has become somewhat of  a industry standard when it comes to high performance and reliability. If you are suffering from quality issues related to extrusion or if you just take your 3D printer to the next level, a Bondtech extruder is the way to go!

I have only met Martin once but we have exchanged emails over the years and i have done some beta testing aswell. For 2017 Bondtech is a new sponsor, adding the performance and quality of their awesome extruders to my BCN3D Sigma.

Check out their website here!


Proto-PastaIn 2013 Proto-Plant set out to create some new high performance 3D Printing materials. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project which they named “Proto-Pasta”. The project aimed at bringing 3 new materials to the market: Polycarbonate-ABS, Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA, and High Temperature PLA filament. The campaign was a success and since then Proto-Plant continue to innovate and build on the existing product line.

See what the fuzz i all about and check out their website.

autodesk logo


AutodeskAutodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

Their innovative cloud-based 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool Fusion 360 is now what i use for the development of all my projects.




Tom from Taulman3DTaulman3D is a renowned producer of high strength filaments for 3D Printers.

I got in contact with Thomas Martzall, the guy behind taulman3D once having used their first Nylon filament, the Nylon 618. It was about that time i started exploring the possibilities of producing R/C products with 3Dprinters which of course would be a perfect showcase for high strength materials such as the ones taulman3D produces. Since that day i´ve been lucky enough to receive great support and a steady supply of 3D printing material from taulman3D.

Check out their website here!

ZYYX 3D Printer

ZYYX 3D Printer

ZYYX 3D Printer is the brand of MagicFirm Europe.
Mats Moosberg from Magicfirm Europe approached me and asked if i was willing to test out their new 3D Printer, the ZYYX.
I accepted the offer and since then the ZYYX has proven to be a reliable workhorse and has now found a permanent place in my family of 3D printers.