New files added for the OpenR/C F1

OpenRC_F104_RimsThere are new files available for those interested in exploring “dual extrusion” with the OpenR/C F1 car. The changes from previous released files are the “top parts” that are thicker so they can more easily be printed as separate pieces and put together afterwards. Both STL and STEP are available in single ZIP file.

F104 Tires

For those that don´t want to print the tires there are also new rims available that will fit the Tamiya F104 tires. The F104 tires have a larger diameter than the printed onces so there will be more ground clearance aswell. Bad for looks perhaps but for uneven streets this can be a welcome bonus. The F104 tires will also offer alot more grip than printed ones. They are based on the same design as the original OpenR/C F1 rims but modified on the outside to fit the F104 tires. If you don´t like the looks of these rims Thingiverse user Floris ter Beest designed rims for the F104 a while back, check them out on Thingiverse!

All files are available at: