Working on Mini Quad updates

I have recently started doing some minor updates the OpenRC FPV Mini Quad. Also part of the Mini Quad project is me learning to fly FPV. I haven´t been able to fly that much or at all until recently. I´ve been out 3-4 times now and it´s lot´s of fun even though there´s a long way until i will be publishing any kind of epic air footage.

Learning by crashing

Most notable update is that the frame is alot thinner. I noticed while crashing i didn´t get that flex i wanted, the frame was simply to rigid. So making it thinner will make it more flexible and hopefully it will be able to with stand a moderate crash. The question now is if it´s too flexible but it remains to be seen i guess. I will keep working and keep updating the webpage. Below is a short video with some flying, stay tuned for more.