Open Railway EMD SW1500
It´s been a long time since i started this project and it´s been on pause for quite a while now so i decided to make some small adjustments and release the files as is for now. There are som many other projects that needs my attention so i will return […]

Files for OpenRailway EMD SW1500 now available for download

OpenRC Presentation at THINGS
Every couple of months the “3D-printing meetup Stockholm” is held with invited speakers speaking about projects somehow related to 3D-printing. This time i was invited to present The OpenRC Project. This was a presentation about how the project came to life, how it  has evolved since and i also presented […]

OpenRC Presentation at 3D-printing meetup Stockholm

OpenRC Quad
OpenRC hit´s the skies with the latest additino to the OpenRC lineup and this time it´s airborne! I just released the files for a OpenRC Quadcopter for anyone to download and play with. I can´t wait to see what the community does with this one! As usual all the files are avaialble […]

Newest member of the OpenRC family, the Quadcopter

M3 - The 10 most creative drones right now
Swedish tech magazine lists the 10 most creative drones right now. On the number one spot you find my 3D-printed OpenRC Quadcopter. The photo was taken during the 2014 MJ-Hobby Fair in Stockholm this fall. All the 3D-files will hopefully be released somtime in the beginning of next year. See […]

M3 magazine lists the 10 most creative drones right now.

Daniel Norée at MJ Hobbyfair 2014
MJ Hobbyfair 2014 is over and what a fair it was! This was by far the busiest fair i have ever attended as a exibitor. I was in CreativeTools stand to show of 3D-Printed projects from the OpenRC and OpenRailway projects. On the first day, saturday i barely managed to […]

MJ Hobbyfair 2014