TCT Show 2017
Last week it was finally time for the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. If your a 3D printing enthusiast the TCT Show is just the right place to spend a day or two. I was able to go this year much thanks to ZYYX sponsoring the trip and also CreativeTools for […]

TCT Show 2017

youmagine featured
It´s always special to get a design featured. It´s like something of a recognition for all the work you have put down into a project. And having two designs featured at the same time on the same site is obviously something special. Right now the OpenRC F1 Dual Color McLaren […]

Double feature, twice the fun!

Runcam 3 frame
A while back i bought a Runcam 3 camera to use on my OpenRC fpv mini quad so i wouldn´t have to risk destroying my GoPro. Anyway it works great and i´ve got the mount for the quad that seems to work great so far. Last weekend we went downhill […]

Runcam 3 frame

Patreon Logo
This has been a long time coming and there’s been a few who have asked about it and after much consideration i decided to create a page on Patreon for those who want to support me and the 3D printing related projects i do. I hope that over time this can open […]

Hey, I´m on Patreon…

MyMiniFactory Video
The website is a repository for 3D printable design files. There are thousands of amazing designers on the site and many, many more incredible designs for you to download and print. While MyMiniFactory may not be a site i have focused on alot i still have a little page of […]

MyMiniFactory Promo Video

OpenRC F1 Build Guides
There´s a major difference between developing a project like the OpenRC F1, building and iterating several on the way to the released model and for someone new to the project to download, 3D print and build their very first. Therefor a build guide from me might not be the most clear and […]

Build guides for the OpenRC F1 car by the community