3D Printed Chest Mount harness to be used with GoPro Cameras. For this project you will need to 3D Print a few parts: 3 pcs Adjustment Buckle 1 pcs Back Buckle 1 pcs Chest Mount 1 pcs Harness Lock Part 1 1 pcs Harness Lock Part 2 And you need […]

3D Printed Chest Mount Harness for GoPro cameras

designer of the month pinshape
“Our August Designer of the Month is Daniel Norée! You may have seen his Google communities focused around creating R/C cars and model trains, or you may have even printed out one of his many versatile designs. Here he is today to talk about his journey through 3D printing, working at Creative […]

Designer of the month at Pinshape (Interview)

Open Railway EMD SW1500
It´s been a long time since i started this project and it´s been on pause for quite a while now so i decided to make some small adjustments and release the files as is for now. There are som many other projects that needs my attention so i will return […]

Files for OpenRailway EMD SW1500 now available for download

OpenRC Presentation at THINGS
Every couple of months the “3D-printing meetup Stockholm” is held with invited speakers speaking about projects somehow related to 3D-printing. This time i was invited to present The OpenRC Project. This was a presentation about how the project came to life, how it  has evolved since and i also presented […]

OpenRC Presentation at 3D-printing meetup Stockholm

OpenRC Quad
OpenRC hit´s the skies with the latest additino to the OpenRC lineup and this time it´s airborne! I just released the files for a OpenRC Quadcopter for anyone to download and play with. I can´t wait to see what the community does with this one! As usual all the files are avaialble […]

Newest member of the OpenRC family, the Quadcopter