Get a 3D Printed OpenRC F1 On Ebay

OpenRC F1 on Ebay
Image courtesy of Ebay seller “ronl3061”

Don´t have a 3D Printer but still want a OpenRC F1 car of your own? Don´t worry, Ebay´s got you covered. These days you can get almost anything you can think of on the internet, even 3D Printed OpenRC F1 cars.

Fully Assembled

We have seen kits with fastners and bearings for quite some time but did you know that you can even get a complete car? After a quick search on Ebay i found 4 listed OpenRC F1´s by two different sellers. There are both single color and dual color. All fully assembled except for the electronics.

Who´s buying

I´ve actually had quite a few requests to buy a complete car over the years from different individuals and even schools so there´s defenitely a market for this even though it might be tiny.

I should also note that both these sellers contacted me before hand and asked for permission.