Halo added to OpenRC F1 2018 updates

OpenRC F1 Halo - Top

Yesterday i released the first update of the very few that will be added this year as the more visual design changes aren´t as many as for the 2017 season. That doesn´t mean there aren´t any of course and the sharkfin was the first out yesterday, the Halo today and whatever follows later.

More STL´s available on the site

As a part of this you´ll also notice there´s been some changes done to the website structure and there´s more added to the download section. As of right now only the 2018 updates are available but there will be more, lot´s more. There´s alot of focus on updating the website now, so please browse around and let me know what you think. The site will evolve over the next coming weeks/months.

The Halo

OpenRC F1 2018A 2018 update wouldn´t be complete without the much discussed “Halo” that is in fact mandatory on all cars for the 2018 season. The purpose of the Halo is to protect the driver’s head from flying debris. And while the purpose of course is a very good argument for adding it, there are many that don´t like it because of well… it´s looks. Anyhow, regardless if you like it or not, it´s here to stay for the season atleast and now it´s a option on the OpenRC F1. Read more and download it on the OpenRC F1 Update page. Also, let me know what you think, feedback is incredibly valuable!