OpenRC F1 World Championships

2018 is the year for another worlds first in 3D printing, atleast i think it is. Ok, perhaps it´s not as dramatic as it may sound but still.

The Midwest RepRap Festival

At this years MidwestRepRap Festival in Goshen Indiana, USA there will be a World Championships for 3D printed OpenRC F1 cars. And while the core values really are to just have fun, this is a organised event with actual classes, rules and a nice price pool on top of that. You are welcome to correct me if i´m wrong but i think this is the first time such event is organised at this scale and around a single design that´s also 3D printed.

The OpenRC Project

OpenRC F1 2018

The OpenRC Project is a open source style project revolving around the idea of creating open and free remote controlled vehicles that can also be 3D printed.  It´s been running since 2012 and is constantly growing in popularity. The online community have more than 10000 members and people from all over the world are engaging by building, improving, changing and making their own designs. It´s humbling to see people put in the time, effort and money to build one of these projects. And to get a few of them gathered in one single place and award some of the will be even better!


Matterhackers offered to step in as a sponsor and take care of all the practical stuff organizing the whole thing and also add to the price pool. This will make this event even better, so huge thanks to them for stepping up. That said, there a dedicated page on the Matterhackers website that will explain anything you want to know to be a part of this craziness. You can either race or just show of the your build in the “best in show” class! Either way i hope to see you there!