Making stickers for the OpenRC projects

Adding stickers to the OpenRC F1 gives it that final touch and awesome look. As I get alot questions regarding how i make the stickers i thought i´d share my process.

Vinyl Cutter

All stickers are made of vinyl and are cut in a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter. I actually bought this for my wife a few years back but as lucky as i am i get to use it from time to time and it´s perfect for making stickers for the car.


I use the software shipped with the machine to trace the image of the logo i want to cut and when i have scaled it to a suitable size it´s sent to the machine and cut.

Once The Logo Is Cut

Once cut the unused vinyl surrounding the logo is removed using a needle or a special tool included with the machine. Once that´s done the logo is placed on a “transfer film” and then applied to the model. Ok, that´s the short version, if you want to actually see the process check out the video below.


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