3D Printed OpenRC Bottle Opener

I´ve always want to make some small trinkets related to the OpenRC Project something small, easy and fast to 3D print and also useful.

What To Print

So i hade done the “OpenRC Spur Gear Vase” before but it´s to big and it takes to much time to print. Also it would be nice if the original design/part would be easy to recognise. So i decided to once again use the spur gear from the OpenRC F1 car.

A Bottle Opener

The spur gear is just the right size, keeping the print time reasonable and allows for some modifications. After some thinking i decided to adopt it into a bottle opener which can be quite useful and fun to give away way at events etc. So i added the texts and a cut out needed.

The Result

While it came out fine and of course not really a jaw dropping design but it get´s the job done. What you sometimes don´t consider in the designphase when your mind is full of other ideas is the ergonomics. Let´s face it, Giving a spur gear a good squeeze which is needed when opening a bottle hurts. In fact it hurts alot. And so with that the OpenRC Bottle opener will be added to the collection of projects that didn´t quite meet the expectations. However if you still want to give it a go, the file can be found over at Thingiverse.


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