What if you want a strong and durable filament like Nylon but you also want more flexibility almost like a TPU? Well your in luck, Taulman3D combined the two to one awesome filament, “PCTPE”

Incredibly Durable

Taulman3D have always had a strong focus on Nylons and other durable materials and this one is no different. Combining a Nylon and TPU makes for a incredibly strong material. When i took parts from the OpenRC Truggy 3D printed in PCTPE and gave it a good squeeze i a hydraulic press it almost regained it´s original shape afterwards. This stuff is just ridicilously durable!

Suitable Applications

Except for a few parts for the OpenRC Projects right now i´m having a hard time thinking of a application where i´d get the best out of this material but when i do i´ll be sure to put this stuff to the test once again! =)