THIS IS HOW I – Taulman3D n-vent

A everyday co-polyester filament from Taulman3D that looks great, feel great, is durable and impact resistant but doesn´t stand out.

Amphora Polymer

In some ways n-vent reminds me of ColorFabb nGen but n-vent is based on the Amphora 1800 while nGen is based on Amphora 3300. From my experience n-vent doesn´t perform quite as well as nGen and doesn´t print as easily either but of course this is only my experience and yours might be different. But that doen´t mean that n-vent isn´t good. It is but it just doesn´t stand out in any way. Only the future will tell if n-vent will be a hit or a miss.

Check Out The Video

Below is a video where i talk about how i print n-vent and my experience printing Taulman3D n-vent