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New List Of OpenRC F1 Electronics

A video on how to put together the electronics has been the most asked for video for quite some time. And it seems i´m finally getting around to make one.

New list of electronics

OpenRC F1 Electronics

Thanks to fellow R/C enthusiast Patrik Möller there´s now a new list of electronics. The focus has been on lowering the specs a little as previous motor was way to powerful. This way it will be alot easier to handle when not overpowered. We also tried to keep the price down to a reasonable level. So this list is for those new to R/C and or The OpenRC F1 project. Another list will be added later for those wanting a little “higher spec” parts and a slightly higher price.

I´m gonna put some work into all the lists for sourced parts, update the old, remove dead links, add more info and pictures etc. I will start with Banggood as source and maybe add others later.

Build With Me – Electronics edition

OpenRC F1 Electronics

The “build With Me – Electronics Edition” will be the final video in the F1 Build With Me videos and what´s been missing for a long time. Once i have all the components on the list i will make the video. I´m thinking there will be a single video but if needed i will split it. If you have any thoughts or requests on the format let me know in the comments and i will see what i can do.

The list

You can find the list here if you want to check it out or order the stuff before hand, it´s up to you. Anyway, i´ll keep you posted on what´s going on.

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