OpenRC F1 Patreon Edition

OpenRC F1 Patron´s Edition

OpenRC F1 PatreonI think Patreon is a great way of supporting your favourite creators. I find myself lucky enough to have a dedicated group of people that belive in me and what i do. But there should be some value added to patreons for that support. And as my focus has been shifted elsewhere last couple of weeks/months and will stay so for another 2 months i felt that this awesome group of supporters didn´t get the value they deserve.

Supportive Fans

OpenRC F1 Patreon

Patrons come and Patrons go but there´s always group of people that stand by you no matter what or atleast that´s what it feels like to me. And i´m very greateful for that and i wanted to do something for this group of awesome people that never ask for anything (even though i think they are entitled to do so). I was recently called out for having “measly 50 patrons” but i have to say it could be 5 or 500 hundred i would be equally proud!

OpenRC F1 Patron´s Edition

OpenRC F1 Patreon

So as a thank you i decided to make a couple of OpenRC F1 Patron´s Edition render celebrating this amazing group! As 50 names need to fit they have to be quite small unfortunately but if you open the pictures and look closely, you should be able to spot all the names.

New Reward added

As a result of this i also decided to add another tier with a reward that will add your name to renders like this just but with bigger test of course as with the project company sponsors that are usually added to these renders. Anyone intrested in becoming a Patron (at any level) can check out my Patreon page here.

To My Patrons

So to finish up this post, thank you so much to all my patrons for you support, you guys are amazing!

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