OpenRC F1 100k Downloads Giveaway 7

So a while back the OpenRC F1 car reached 100.000 downloads on It had a slow start but it really took of last year and it´s been amazing seeing all those builds and of course all the improvements posted as remixes. The OpenRC community is great and i´m honored […]

OpenRC F1 100k giveaway

OpenRC Build Map

The OpenRC Build Map is Back!

A while back ZeeMaps changed their pricing plan and anyone with more the 100 pins needed to pay a fee. As the OpenRC BuildMap have more than that it was frozen and no longer available. ZeeMaps Reached Out After discussing possible solutions and other alternative solutions ZeeMaps reached out and […]

3D Printing Just Changed Forever 1

When i first started to work on the OpenRC Project back in 2012  i sweeped the web for information about 3D Printing and R/C cars and what i found was that the general attitude was that 3D printed R/C cars will never (ever) be good for anything else than maybe […]

HPD F1 Winner

GoPro Rig By Daniel Norée

The Multipurpose GoPro Rig

I wanted some sort of rig for my GoPro together with a external microphone. So i decided to try to something that could be held in multiple ways aswell as put it on a flat surface like a table. The result came out as a 3D printed C-shape design handle […]